airKitchen art SUSHI ROLL,art MOCHI,certificate
airbnb art SUSHI ROLL,art MOCHI,certificate


■Hello, my name is Mami Roll. I had been a student domitory of Beijin Univesity and done a homestaying in Los Angels when I was student in summer. And I had lived in Houston for three years with my husband during he had been reserching in M.D.Anderson Cancer Center. People there were so nice to me and I had unforgetable intercultural experience. ■Now it’s my turn to give Japanese culture to you visitors from all over the world.>>ABOUT ■For example, Taiwan-Japan Internatinal Festival demonstrain in Taipei, Panda sushi roll making event with Chinese-Japanese group by Nippon Travel Agency Co., Japanese experience sushi roll making with exchange students and host family, Art Maki Sushi 3rd grade certification(English text book), workshop for fun, and potluck party. It’s great response for SNS. >>EVENT ■Then I started privare lesson for foreign visitor guests in my Ginza-Tsukiji room. And more than 100 guests had come to my room and japanese cooking experience with surprise in first year.>>REVIEW ■You can check it out some media as Web magazine, official SNS, TV reported my workshop. >>MEDIA ■I hope you enjoy design sushi roll or mochi. Feel free to ask me!>>CONTACT

●SUSHI ROLL・MOCHI × Design = ?

【food information】
Decorative maki sushi and mochi are a part of Japanese cuisine, in which both Japanese cooking and design can be enjoyed.>>SUSHI DESIGN, MOCHI DESIGN
【the attraction of the cooking class】
Through my class, you’ll be able to experience the difference between the rice used for sushi as opposed to Japanese desserts, learn about Japanese food design, and use unique Japanese cooking tools.
【recommended for】
Those who love food and DIY crafting can enjoy making these decorative sushi rolls and desserts with me. Although the dishes themselves are a traditional part of Japanese cuisine, they’re fun to experience and make with stylish, modern designs.

➊Decorative Maki Sushi

【Cooking ingredients】
For the maki sushi:Sushi rice, Nori (seaweed), Cucumber, Furikake (dry Japanese seasoning), Sesame seed, Egg omlet, Cheese stick

【Guest review】
■Such a wonderful experience, enjoyed every minute of it.■Our cooking experience was wonderful and Mami was very kind and friendly.■I had a great time preparing sushi with Mami. She was an excellent host and gave me a great experience! Not only was the food delicious,>>REVIEW


➋Decorative Mochi

【Cooking ingredients】
For the mochi: Dango flour (glutinous and regular rice), Sugar, Hot water, Red-blue-green-yellow food coloring

【Guest review】
■This was a wonderful intro to mochi class. Mami-san organized her class really well so you get to have your name written in hiragana or katakana, learn about mochi, experience making beautiful art mochi, enjoy eating them, and capture beautiful photos of all of the above experiences. If you’re interested, she can give you tips about>>REVIEW


➌ART MAKI SUSHI 3rd Grade certification

Only 3 hours, Get the ART MAKI SUSHI certification!
*3rolls 3hours 1person 17,000yen+tax
*the lesson fee cost includes: text book, certification, supply and food cost
*English textbook is available
*the certificate of JSIA art roll 3rd grade will be issued!
*JSIA-Japan Sushi Instructors Association
airKitchen art SUSHI ROLL,art MOCHI,certificate
airbnb art SUSHI ROLL,art MOCHI,certificate