★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding
★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding


■Hello, my name is Mami Roll. I’ve been an art sushi roll master instructor certificated by Japan Sushi Instructors Association since 2012 for 3,000 people. And I have the Edo-mae sushi chef diploma graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy. ■You can check it out 50 media on web, magazine, radio and TV reported my works.>MEDIA ■More than 100 foreign guests had come and enjoyed unique Japanese experience as soon as I start my class in English.>REVIEW  ■I hope you enjoy my special sushi, mochi, kimono. Feel free to ask me!>CONTACT


★unique SUSHI, MOCHI, KIMONO 3in1

■You can choose one of these unique Japanese experiences.

A: art sushi roll making,

B: traditional sushi making

   with miniature sushi demo,

C: vegetable sushi making

   with bamboo leaf cutting demo,

D: art maki sushi certificate

   3 art rolls in 3 hours

E: art mochi making

   and mochi pounding experience.

These are a part of Japanese cuisine and unique design can be enjoyed.>SUSHI DESIGN, MOCHI DESIGN ■Besides you can enjoy kimono photo taking with your sushi if you want. ■Let’s taste those food you made with soy sauce, fresh wasabi and you’ll have rare chance to use the mini conveyor belt sushi machine!! 


★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding
★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding


art roll, vegitable sushi, miniature sushi

art maki sushi certificate

【Guest review】■Such a wonderful experience, enjoyed every minute of it. ■Our cooking experience was wonderful and Mami was very kind and friendly.■I had a great time preparing sushi with Mami. She was an excellent host and gave me a great experience! Not only was the food delicious,>REVIEW

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art mochi, mochi pounding

【Guest review】■This was a wonderful intro to mochi class. Mami-san organized her class really well so you get to have your name written in hiragana or katakana, learn about mochi, experience making beautiful art mochi, enjoy eating them, and capture beautiful photos of all of the above experiences. If you’re interested, she can give you tips about >REVIEW

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try on & take a photo kimono