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■Design SUSHI ROLL and MOCHI workshop in ENGLISH is available at Ginza-Tsukiji, Tokyo best access! ■造型壽司卷是有花、動物和文字圖案的海苔卷。我是造型壽司卷講座的講師 ■EVENT LISTMEDIA LISTCONTACT 

●Host introduce & Guest voice

Host  ■I had been a student domitory of Beijin Univesity and done a homestaying in Los Angels when I was student in summer. And I had lived in Houston for three years with my husband during he had been reserching in M.D.Anderson Cancer Center. People there were so nice to me and I had unforgetable intercultural experience. ■Now it’s my turn to give Japanese culture to you visitors from all over the world. ■For example, Taiwan-Japan Internatinal Festival demonstrain in Taipei, Panda sushi roll making event with Chinese-Japanese group by Nippon Travel Agency Co., Japanese experience sushi roll making with exchange students and host family, Art Maki Sushi 3rd grade certification(English text book), workshop for fun, and potluck party. It’s also great response for SMS. ■Then I started privare lesson for foreign visitor guests in my Ginza-Tsukiji room. And more than 40 guests in first half year had come to my room and japanese cooking experience with surprise!
■I hope you enjoy design sushi roll or mochi. Feel free to ask me! CONTACT


Guest ■This was a wonderful intro to mochi class. Mami-san organized her class really well so you get to have your name written in hiragana or katakana, learn about mochi, experience making beautiful art mochi, enjoy eating them, and capture beautiful photos of all of the above experiences. If you’re interested, she can give you tips about what to see around her area, where to get the tools and ingredients for mochi making, AND information about kimono. Just ask her and she won’t hesitate to answer! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who loves mochi and is interested in Japanese culture. ■This is a really wonderful class for anyone who’s either in Tokyo for the first time or seasoned travellers. Mami is a great instructor and her art sushi class combined with a mochi- making demonstration is one of the best value classes around. The class is held in a charming studio in the heart of Tsukiji, right opposite the Sushi Academy where she is a certified instructor. It’s filled with all sorts of beautiful bamboo paraphernalia for Japanese cooking, lovely miniatures and a really cool home revolving sushi set. As there were two of us we each chose a different art sushi roll. Mami went through each step of the sushi making with us so we were never left behind. It was amazing to see our works of edible art when we cut it! We then sat down to a lunch of our sushi placed on the revolving sushi set, the cutest miso soup and mochi desserts and green tea served in an old fashioned style canister. While we ate, Mami demonstrated the pounding of mochi rice (we had the chance to do this too) and made the art mochi. It was such a memorable experience and a definite highlight of my stay in Tokyo.■We had a great time with Mama making sushi rolls. She was great handling both my kids (ages 7 and 9) and my parents. The lesson was wonderful and we tried so many new things. We would recommend this class!■Fantastic, I wish I can give Mami sensei 10 stars. Many many details are provided and the time flies super quickly. I also felt very satisfied learning from professional. I hope I could come again and do more lessons jn the future. Thank you so much againn Mami-san ■We had a great time with Mami san. She is professional and friendly. Mami san is very patient with kids too. I joined the sushi class with my 8 years old daughter. She is very curious and interested in many Japanese culture and food. Mami san patiently explain to her with interesting details. Thank you, Mami san for making our trip to Tokyo a memorable one! ■We are so happy we had the chance to meet Mami! The cooking experience was marvellous and she was very patient with us, she is a real professional. We had a great time and learnt a lot, we will be coming to Tokyo in few years again and we cant wait to meet her again 🙂 Simona and Adri :)■Mami is so awesome! She is professional yet pleasant and kind from beginning to the end of the class. She helped my sister and I be comfortable to create our first floral sushi roll and it was so much fun! We got to see our creations on a mini conveyor belt, while enjoying some tea and various goodies. I would take her class again when I am in Japan and highly recommend anyone else interested in learning to roll their own art sushi!! ■Dear Mami-san Thanks a lot for the class !! It was amazing having class with you!! The experience I had in class with you Mami Sensei (teacher in English) was wonderful and very easy to understand how to make the “Design Maki-Sushi”. You was very kind on all points and very helpful, taught us in an easy way to understand. I plan on continuing to learn this art of “Design Maki Sushi” with Mami Sensei in the next opportunity !! One more detail: the class is within easy reach of Tsukuji and Ginza easy for all !! Grazie Mille Jun ■Absolutely fantastic experience, learning from a certified Sushi Master was a once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommend Mami and her course, both for the sushi art and the mochi! Thank you for making our Tokyo stay so special!

●Sushi・Mochi × Design = ?

Do you know design SUSHI ROLL and MOCHI,

such as flowers, animals, and letters? ■In Japan, sushi master and some local grandma can make such art sushi roll and mochi as traditional and local cuisine. If you can find such sushi roll or mochi, you are lucky, because it’s old skill even on Japanese high school English book, but not so many people know and tell how to make them now. ■At this site you can reserve these workshops, the licensed sushi roll and mochi instructor will teach you how to make various kinds of sushi rolls. It will be special experience for tourists, exchange students, host families, sushi fans, chefs and international associations. ■I hope you enjoy to make, see and taste of the Cool Japan! ■I prepare all items as knife, bamboo mat, rolling pin, towel. Please bring just your camera. ■The lesson fees are payable on Paypal or the day of lesson. ■Location is Tokyo, Gunma Pref. in Japan and Overseas too. I can take a rent space near your station.→CONTACT


➊Design Sushi Roll Workshop 101

Let’s enjoy designing Sushi Roll 101. Roll! See(SNS)! Taste!

*1roll 1hour 1person 4,000 – 5,000yen+tax
*the lesson fee cost includes: recipe, supply and food cost
*a minimum of 2 for private and a maximum of 20 for group
*instructor’s demonstration
*how to make sushi rice
*how to use a knife and a bamboo mat
*how to handle each sushi ingredient for sushi preparation
*actual sushimaking
*sushi tasting or to-go box CONTACT 



Only 3 hours, Get the ART MAKI SUSHI certification!

*3rolls 3hours 1person 17,000yen+tax
*the lesson fee cost includes: text book, certification, supply and food cost
*a minimum of 1 for private and a maximum of 6
*English textbook is available
*the certificate of JSIA art roll 3rd grade will be issued!
*JSIA-Japan Sushi Instructors Association CONTACT


➌Design MOCHI Workshop 101

Let’s enjoy designing MOCHI 101. Roll! See(SNS)! Taste!

*1roll 1hour or 2rolls 2hours 1person 4,000 – 5,000yen+tax
*the lesson fee cost includes: recipe, supply and food cost
*a minimum of 2 for private and a maximum of 20 for group
*instructor’s demonstration
*how to make mochi flour to dough and coloring
*how to use a rolling pin and dough knife
*how to handle each mochi ingredient for mochi preparation *how to assemble colored mochi
*actual mochimaking
*mochi tasting or to-go box