★unique MOCHI : art mochi, mochi pounding

★unique MOCHI :

art mochi, mochi pounding

【Cooking ingredients】 For the mochi : Dango flour (glutinous and regular rice), Sugar, Hot water, Red-blue-green-yellow food coloring. 【Guest review】■This was a wonderful intro to mochi class. Mami-san organized her class really well so you get to have your name written in hiragana or katakana, learn about mochi, experience making beautiful art mochi, enjoy eating them, and capture beautiful photos of all of the above experiences. If you’re interested, she can give you tips about>>REVIEW


★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding
★Sushi,Mochi,Kimono,3in1 ★Certificate ★art Mochi&pounding

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